12 Weeks!

Today marks 12 weeks along in my pregnancy.  Wow…

My nausea is pretty much gone.  Now my main food problem is indigestion and feeling icky if I don’t eat every few hours.  Not too shabby!  I also have started to experience the dizzy/lightheadedness even more than last week.  My pulse can be felt moving though my body more, which means there is more blood coursing through me that is causing the dizzy symptoms.  Go blood, go!  🙂  Again, I love my symptoms and no one will ever be able to talk me out of that craziness.

Sleeping has been becoming slightly more difficult.  Getting comfortable is like an Olympic sport.  Last night I did stuff a pillow between my legs and had a much better night of sleep. I think I’ll have to continue doing that.  I’m hoping I can get away with that instead of having to buy one of the huge body pillows.  The one specifically designed for pregnant ladies is $50 at Target!  No thanks!

So my first official OB appointment is coming up on Wednesday!  So excited to finally hear the heartbeat and have verification that everything is going well.  5 weeks between ultrasounds/checkups this early in pregnancy is nerve wracking.   Right after our OB appointment, we will have our NT scan.  I’m a little stressed out, but I’m just glad to be able to see squirrel so much in one day!  It should look like a little human now instead of a peanut.  Crazy….

Well, here is my belly!  Excuse the pajamas and no bra thing.  I’ll put up a nice picture one day, but for now you’ll have to take my “just woke up, too lazy to get dressed” belly pictures. 🙂  I love it!

Belly 12

8 thoughts on “12 Weeks!

  1. YEAH for 12 weeks! Those pregnancy symptoms you have seem pretty good, not the awful send you to the hospital kind, so it’s great to be thankful for them! The light headedness is so weird, the feeling like you might black out!
    I’ve heard Walmart has just regular body pillows for like $10 that you can buy. I’ve been sleeping with a big pillow between my knees too.
    I hope you have a wonderful appointment on Wednesday! You look great, even in pjs! Grow squirrel grow!

    • $10 is a much better deal! If I need one I’ll have to check those out first!
      Yea, I used to be fine as long as I stood up slowly, but now it doesn’t matter what I do or how long I’m standing up, the light headedness will hit me at all times. I just have to be careful because I’m home alone all day. Don’t want to fall and bump my head, or my belly! 🙂

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