Need Good Vibes For A Friend

I just got done chatting with a friend on Facebook about her IVF cycle.  They ended up having to cancel the cycle before the egg retrieval.  She had three on her right ovary around size 18, and a few on her left ovary only measuring between 5-7.  So, since there was no way to have those little ones catch up before the others were too big, the cycle was canceled.  To say that she is disappointed and highly frustrated would be putting it mildly.  Now she’s going through all of the questions like “will my ovaries ever produce follicles consistently enough?”  “If not, how many will they allow to do the retrieval?”  “Will my body even do this?”  Ugh, I feel for her.

One of her main problems is that this is the first time she’s been on injectables.  She was on pills for her IUI’s (three failed) so they didn’t really know how her body would respond to Follistim.  They had her on 50mg AM and 150PM with 10 units of HCG (not sure what that means… anyone else?)  The two things that make me maddest are these… 1. She thought that the reason the medicine wasn’t working was because her body was confused coming off of birth control.  I had to explain to her that that has nothing to do with it, since that is the protocol for everyone.  And 2. She thought that her high estrogen level was bad. No one explained to her that the high estrogen level was great.  I know she’s going to one of the highest rated place in our state, but geeez.  I can’t help but feeling like she’s not getting the answers she needs.  The place doesn’t even have a visit to show you how to do your injections, they just send you home with a piece of paper with pictures on it.

I just really hope they can get her dosage right and that she can have a little more hope that all of this is going to work.  I know it’s a little harder on her because she and her husband have absolutely zero medical reasons why they shouldn’t be able to conceive.  At least I had reasons… lots of them.  I think it would be harder to keep hearing there is nothing wrong, yet you still can’t get pregnant.

They are going to try timed intercourse with the follicles that have been made.  Let’s send out some good vibes for her and maybe she won’t have to go through anything else!  That is my hope for her.

5 thoughts on “Need Good Vibes For A Friend

    • I’m not sure if they checked her AMH. I think I asked and she wasn’t sure. They’ve just told her that everything looks good. She started stimming on Friday, so it’s only been five days and they were going to do the retrieval this weekend.
      I hope they find something that works for her too. I wish she could live with me for a month and go to my place! I’m sure everyone loves their place the most though. 🙂

  1. I hate REs that do that… Things are not good if your cycle gets canceled… There is something not right and they are there to get her pregnant… Def ask her to ask them for her AMH level and her e2 levels… I questioned everything and they prob hated it but it was my body. Sorry if this sounds harsh but it pisses me off when docs do this… They think they know it all and they don’t need to explain when they should

    • Oh, I completely agree. I would probably be more outwardly pissed for her if I didn’t think it would just upset her more. I just can’t believe she thought her high estrogen level was BAD… I mean… what on earth are they not talking to her about?? I’ll have to ask her about her AMH in a couple days when she’s had some time to calm down. Sometimes I think she hates talking to me about this stuff because I do know so much about it from having gone through it and having this blog. She just wants to go with the flow of the doctor, but sometimes you can’t do that.

  2. It’s so frustrating when doctors don’t explain things so that the patient understands them. My first RE didn’t seem to think it was important that I know what he was doing or why he was doing it, so I dumped him and am so much happier with my second RE who treats me like an intelligent person who wants to be involved in my treatment. I agree that her doctor needs to communicate better and to provide AMH information, like Cindy said.

    I wish her better luck the second time around and really feel for her. It’s so tough. And I agree that it’s probably easier when you know why you’re having problems- it’s nice to have an explanation for it.

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