David Sedaris

This post has nothing to do with fertility or pregnancy… whoa.  (That will be tomorrow)

I was reading Kathryn’s blog today, and she happened to mention going to see a play by David Sedaris, who is easily the funniest writer I’ve ever read.  His family and all of their quirks make me think of my own family.  I don’t think mine is as funny, but maybe if David Sedaris was writing about them, they would be.

Anyway, last year I was riding down the street and came across a work truck.  This work truck was the truck of David Sedaris’s brother, Paul.  If you’ve read anything about Paul, you know that he is probably the most insane one of the bunch, other than David.  So Kathryn suggested that I put the pictures of the work truck up on my blog.  Great idea! That way i’ll have them forever, and I can share them with all the fans of David and Paul Sedaris…. 🙂

It’s nothing super exciting, but it’s neat if you’re a fan. Enjoy!

Back CameraBack Camera

3 thoughts on “David Sedaris

  1. I love it!! HOW FUN! And you are soooo correct, “but maybe if David Sedaris was writing about them, they would be.” if only we all had our own personal author to tell the stories of our lives in ways that would make us pee in our pants laughing. He just has this great way of seeing the world, you know? Btw, the play was great! Now I want to go to the mall and stare at the Christmas Elves!

      • no, I think it’s just something this theater performs every Christmas. It’s a one man show (playing David Sedaris) that lasts only 1 hour, basically a monologue of his time spent as an Elf at Macy’s. Apparently many radio shows will play David Sedaris reading his memoir on the air around Christmas time.I bet you could find a place near you that has it! 🙂

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