5dp3dt.  All I can say is weepy.  Super weepy.  It’s not the usual type of weepy when I see something sad, of course I still do that, but now it’s weepiness over happy things or sweet things.  For example… yesterday I saw a quote on pinterest that said “you wear your wedding ring on your left ring finger because it is the only finger with a direct vein to the heart.”  Yea, made me tear up.  Even when I retyped it to tell my husband what happened, I teared up again.  I didn’t tear up just now, but I could have it I wasn’t stopping myself!  Oh well, I can handle some tears. 🙂

My biggest ache right now is my upper back.  I guess it’s because I’ve been consciously trying to sleep on my back only.  Will it help?  At this point I think it’s either happening or not, so I doubt sleeping on my side would hurt too much right now, but it’s all mental, I can’t help it.  I also have a slight headache starting.  The back and headache are probably connected to uncomfortable sleeping due to my back.  Also, I’ve had some cramping, but it’s only when I’m laying back down after standing up or using the bathroom.  Is that weird? I think it’s the pressure from the bloating pushing on things and it’s only relaxed when I sit or lay back down? Maybe? Eh?? No clue!

I’m not saying these are pregnancy symptoms, because I don’t think they are, I think they are progesterone symptoms that are just building and building.  I wish I could have some pregnancy symptoms though!  I’d take some vomiting and nausea right about now. 😉

6 days until Beta…. I think I can, I think I can….


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