Less Than 24 Hours Until Transfer!

Getting nervous/excited/stressed for tomorrow!  I can’t wait to see how many are viable and get a picture!

I plan on eating some pineapple for the next few days.  Although it hasn’t been scientifically proven (from what I can find), I hear that it can help with implantation.  I’m willing to do whatever it takes!  I also plan on doing bed rest for at least three days.  Day one will be actual bed rest, involving only getting up to pee and eat.  Monday and Tuesday will be laying on the couch only getting up to pee, eat and let the dogs outside (silly dogs!).  Relaxation is key to this for me.  I wish I could say that once they are in there i’ll be less stressed, but come on, that’s not realistic. 😉  It will be neat to chat with them a little though. 😀

Anybody out there have any after transfer tips for me?  What did you eat and do to help and keep busy?

7 thoughts on “Less Than 24 Hours Until Transfer!

  1. When I had my transfer I was told at the clinic that there was nothing I could/should do to affect the result, so I’d say drink plenty of water and do whatever makes you feel good and… best of luck!!!

  2. Just remember the core…thats the only part I ate..wishing you tons of luck!!! I only did one day of rest after the transfer…hubby and I watched the entire first season of the game of thrones and I basically laid on the couch the whole day

    • Yes! It’s done. We had two healthy, 8 celled little guys to transfer today! I have a picture of them and I’m already in love.
      Luckily the 2ww starts at retrieval, so i’m already three days down! Woo!

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