Transfer Scheduled – 3 Day

Well, heard from the Embryologist today.  Out of the 8 collected, 5 were mature and 4 ended up fertilizing.  She had already scheduled the transfer when she called me.  Sunday at 9:00am.  She said depending on how they look by Sunday, they may choose to transfer three, which makes me wonder what she knows… why would she assume all of them would be in bad shape by Sunday?  Do they not look healthy?  Can you even tell by this point?  Ugh… again with the stress…

I am currently standing in my kitchen typing this because I was told to “stand up and move around for a little bit” after inserting the suppository.  Feels squishy.  I hope they do the trick and let however many the transfer really stick in there for the long haul.  I know I should start getting excited, but I don’t think I’ll be able to until I go in on Sunday and they let me know the condition of the embryos.  How do people deal with this stress multiple times?

Oh, and why does everyone keep saying “that’s great for your age!”  I’m 28, not 104!

48 hours until transfer….

12 thoughts on “Transfer Scheduled – 3 Day

  1. I’m certainly not an IVF expert (I’ve never had IVF), but I had heard somewhere that they don’t like to transfer more than three at a time these days because higher sets of multiples complicate the pregnancy much more. So I don’t think her comment about transferring three means that she doesn’t think you don’t have four quality embryos.

    • It does for my clinic. They have a rule about only transferring two at the most, so the fact that they are considering three is a pretty big deal for them.
      Only time will tell though!

  2. I think they can tell by day 3 how they look with regards to fragmentation and the # of cells they have…I hope they look good on day 3…and just because they do not look good does not mean they are not great…some of the ones that are slower may thrive after they are transferred to your uterus…you never know!!! I had a hatching 5AA blast transferred which was perfect and I got a BFN that cycle…

  3. lisaliteration says:

    Ugh, I have yet to go through this process, but I feel for you! I give you permission to stress eat up the wazoo. It’ll make things extra cushy for what I hope will be two beautiful little embryos…and two more beautiful ones waiting patiently in cryo.

  4. When we got our fert report our doctors were talking about transferring 3, then one took off on a growth spurt and the doctors only transferred 2 embryos on our 3dt.

    Wishing you the best and good luck! Sending lots of baby dust your way.

  5. as I’m on the same time frame in this journey with you, I can only say: praying for you, hope you will get good embies to transfer.. til then we will be worrying together I guess 🙂

      • Do you know why/how they decide for us to have transfer day 3/4/5? I’ve been scratching my head over this.. is it because they think the embies would look so good say on day 3, that they decide to do it then? or the other way around? I’m on the same boat as you – 3 day transfer..

      • They typically do day three if there aren’t a lot of fertilized embryos or if the ones you do have aren’t the best quality. Like, you could have 5 fertilized, but if they aren’t looking particularly healthy, they’ll want to transfer them quickly because they have a better chance of developing in your uterus. If you don’t have a lot, same thing, they’d rather get them in right away to up their chances instead of staying in a lab and maybe having them not do so well days 4 and 5. Since we have four and you have two, day three transfers were a definite for us both. Doesn’t mean they won’t do well, just means our number of fertilized little ones wasn’t big enough for them to take any chances on. 🙂
        Getting excited yet? I finally am a little bit after talking to a friend today. I think her worry and nervousness somehow calmed mine… i have no idea why that worked, but it did.

  6. trufflelove says:

    Did you ask for the quality of the embryos? the nurse wouldn’t really tell me but i insisted for more information. good luck!! sending you bfp vibes!!

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