Must Eat All Of The Things…

So, another side effect i’m noticing is my bottomless pit of a stomach… which seems to want lots of sugar.  I’m also totally exhausted.  Maybe my body is trying to overcome all the tired by eating all of the sugar. Ugh… what a battle.  My stomach is already bloating out enough, I’m sure the extra sugar isn’t going to help.  Bright side?  I am going to rock my sweat pants like you wouldn’t believe!

Worth it though!

When I did my IUI’s last year, I never had pain with any of my injections, except for the Ganirelix and that was just after the injection.  It would burn, itch and turn red at the injection site for 30 minutes to an hour.  But this Menopur + Follistim combo burns as soon as I start the injection… and there is a lot in the injection.  Ouchy.  Also, I’m having bruising from the injections.  They are about an inch long, half an inch wide, and almost rectangular in shape.  They are so weird.  My stomach is going to look pretty neat by the time I’ve done a week and a half worth of injections.  I plan to take a pretty picture once it’s all done.

…I wonder how much it’s going to hurt once I have to add the Ganirelix into the injection.

Worth it though!

Time for bed… I plan to sleep for at least 10 hours… maybe my dogs will be nice to be and let me sleep for 12? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Must Eat All Of The Things…

  1. I so had the sugar craving when i started the menopur and follistim shots lol the follistim for me also burned 😦 and i hope you don’t mind a personal question my doctor is talking about putting me on Ganirelix for my next ivf cycle (he hasn’t yet made up his mind yet though) but hubby and i were wondering a general price for it?

    • Sorry it took a little while to respond, I had to find my receipt for the meds. My insurance doesn’t cover jack squat for fertility treatments, so everything is out of pocket. We go through successmeds and the ganirelix is $108.90 per shot. It comes in pre-filled syringes.. not sure if it comes in different amounts? I’m surprised they didn’t have to you take Ganirelix to begin with. It keeps you from ovulating while they keep you on meds to have your follicles mature. I would imagine it could also keep you from ovulating while they get your estrogen level up? I was on it for a couple days for each IUI and I have four syringes of it ready for IVF. Luckily, my doctor is awesome and gave us three for free. 🙂
      Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. I had food craving – any food in general – when I was down regulating with suprecur (buserelin), but after stimulation the craving is gone.. my jeans still feel tight on the waist though 😀

    • Wearing jeans is almost impossible when I’m on these meds for awhile. I could fit into them yesterday, but sitting down in them, in the car, with the seat belt across my lap, was kind of irritating. I’m ready for sweats 24/7!

  3. I can see my cravings starting already and it has only been 6 days! Yikes. Just love that there are so many others out there going through this weird, crazy journey with me.

    • I usually end up having to go to an entry on someones blog and then hit “follow” in the top, left hand side of the screen in the black toolbar across the top of the page. Or I think it will say it next to my name on comments I leave you? I’m still a little confused on how WordPress works. 🙂

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