The Little AMH That Could

So, I just got the results from the second AMH blood draw.  It’s now at 1.3, up from 0.67.  How does this number go up?  I have no clue.  How does it drop from 6.9 to 1.3 in nine months?  Also no clue, but I’m glad it’s higher than a 1, it gives me a little more hope.  I have a friend who had a 1.2 AMH and she had 12 eggs retrieved with 2 good ones to implant (none to freeze) and she ended up having a healthy baby girl.  Although I would like a couple to freeze, i’d be happy with a healthy enough one that it implants and stays with me!

I’m able to breathe a little better, but I’m still really anxious and nervous about whether or not my ovaries will respond.  I guess this is how everyone feels though…. huh?

Meds start on Saturday! Tick Tock!

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