The Disappearing AMH

Last week I had a blood draw to check for diseases, blood type and AMH level.  The disease test is to verify that we don’t have any diseases that could transfer to other embryos kept in storage with ours.  I don’t!  My blood type is A positive! I never knew that, so that is exciting!  But my AMH level has vanished.  Last August it was 6.9 and now it’s 0.67.  WHAT?!  My doctor is 99% sure that it is due to a lab error.  With me having PCOS is it almost impossible for me to not have a high AMH level, and having it drop that much in a year is also impossible.

My doctor is amazing, by the way.  I emailed him, kind of freaking out, because I was concerned about the drop and the fact that we wouldn’t get the redo test results back in time for our nursing class.  He told me to just come in early tomorrow, before the redo blood test and he will do an ultrasound to check my ovaries.  Then he will be able to base a dosage off of what he sees in the ultrasound.  Whew!

I know the results have to be wrong, but there is still have 1% uncertainty.  I guess I will know by tomorrow afternoon for sure!  Come on error on the lab results!!

5 thoughts on “The Disappearing AMH

    • You and me both! My doctor is pretty sure they are. He said it would be impossible for my level to be that low with PCOS or to drop that much in a year. Let’s hope he’s right! He’s doing an ultrasound for me tomorrow to check because the blood work won’t be back in time for my nursing class. They can tell how big my egg stash is from that and judge my dosage for my nursing class. My doctor is awesome.

    • I definitely shouldn’t have DOR. My doctor is pretty certain it’s lab error, but he’s bringing me in tomorrow to do an ultrasound to check my ovaries since the lab results won’t be in by next Tuesday when we are supposed to start the meds. I’m glad I’ve got a doctor who is so on top of these things. I’m still freaking out, but not quite as much. 😉

  1. Your doctor does sound amazing! I’m so glad that he was able to get you in so you wouldn’t have to postpone your cycle. I also really hope that it was just a error and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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