I am becoming quite antsy thinking about next week.  One week from today!  Actually, less than that because it’s already 9:20pm here and my appointment is at 7:45am next Wednesday.  Ah!  So excited!

The appointment is for my IVF consultation (#2 — because it’s been over six months since we went to our first), Mock transplant, saline ultrasound and blood tests.  I know those things aren’t going to be very exciting (at least, they shouldn’t be!) but it means that this IVF thing is really happening.  It’s finally here… so close!

I hope that they let us start right away, but I’m afraid they may postpone us a little bit because they don’t have a nursing class available until mid-September.  Boo!  I don’t want to wait until mid-September to start!  I’m hoping they will be able to have us come in for a one-on-one with a nurse or a doctor so that we can start sooner.  We’ve already done IUI, so I hope my expertise with stabbing myself with needles can come into play and get us moving along a little faster.

Tick Tock, Clock.  It’s been nine months already since our last IUI failed.  It’s time to go!


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