Purging All Of The Sick

It’s official.  I’ve been sick for a solid month. A MONTH! Four full weeks of aching and ickiness.  Needless to say, I am exhausted by it all.

I’d like to blame the Chiropractor, sense blaming someone seems like the best idea.  I first got sick after my second adjustment.  Maybe because they see a hundred people a day and they are all laying on the same chair to get adjusted?  Yea, that thin piece of tissue paper will protect us from the cooties!  Maybe because they are touching person after person all day long?  Not going to wash your hands before you touch my face? Mmkay.  Whatever it is, I’m going to blame them and not the possibility that I picked it up out in the world somewhere else.

So, I got sick four weeks ago.  Sore throat and fever.  I was pretty sure it was strep.  I haven’t had strep since I was a child, but I felt like my throat was on fire and swollen to the point of possibly exploding.  Strep test was negative.  Ugh.  A week later it was time to go on vacation.  A beautiful vacation to an exotic land.  It required 12 hours of flying to get there.  Have you ever had a sore throat, fever, cough and ear pain while on a plane?  It is the most miserable time in your life.  I felt like crying the entire time.  So when my mother in law popped up happily in the seat in front of me and asked why I wasn’t excited….. lets just say that I had very nasty thoughts running through my head, and I love my mother in law.  Imagine if I didn’t!

The vacation went by fine.  Lots of early bedtimes and a couple late sleep-ins, but I made the most of it and didn’t let this super bug drag me down.  I took my antibiotics (that didn’t do a thing to help) and dosed up on some Nyquil the majority of the nights (5 out of 9).  I made it and had a great time!  Then it was time to fly back.  12 more hours…. three more planes.  By now my sister in law had the monster bug.  I took some Nyquil for the return flights and slept through 7 hours, which was a good idea considering my sister in law was keeping the rest of the plane up with her coughing.  I guess that had been my job on the trip there.

After we landed I realized that I couldn’t really hear very well out of my right ear.  Awesome.  Ear infection!  I’ve had 6-7 tubes between my two ears, so I knew exactly what was going on.  I went in last Monday, was given steroids.  Steroids are apparently supposed to help absorb the water into your bloodstream?  Eh, didn’t work.  Got a tube put in yesterday.

I still can’t hear and now I had a sore throat again due to the drainage/swelling in my ear.  When will it end?!  Is my body just purging all of the sick before IVF?  I’d like to think that this is the case.  If so, thanks body!  I appreciate you putting me through four weeks of torture so that my body will be PERFECT for IVF!  …..right?


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