Vacation and Beyond

We just got back from a beautiful vacation!  It was so nice to get away for awhile.  After all of the IUI tries and the miscarriage last fall, we needed some time away to relax and clear our heads.  I think it would have been a lot more relaxing if we had been by ourselves and not with our in-laws, but they were paying so I won’t complain.  I just think that ten days with people other than my husband is too many days.  Heck, two days with other people is usually enough for me!

I am so glad to be back home.  We slept for 15 hours last night/this morning.  It was amazing and very much needed.  It took us 26 hours to get home.  This has forced me to declare that I will not fly again for at least 30 years.  I think that’s how long it will take me to recover from the airports, planes and people.  So many people!  I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but you just can’t help but think about all the cooties floating around the airports and planes. Ugh. *shiver*

Now that we are back, it’s time to get busy (not in the fun way, but in the medical way)!  This week I will have a pap smear (with a new doctors office, since my last was full of morons) and my preliminary tests for the IVF.  These include a blood test (to insure that I don’t have any diseases that could be transferred to other embryos once our extras are frozen), Saline Ultrasound (to insure that my lining and uterus are good to go), and a mock transplant (so they can make sure that they can get in and out of my uterus without causing any tears).  So excited!!  I know we’ve waiting nine months for this, but I still can’t believe it’s almost here!  I’m sure the time will fly since I’m so nervous about whether or not it will all work.  I know I need to think positive, but after all this time it’s kind of difficult to do.  I am excited though, and so ready to begin our family!  Seeing all the families on our vacation just make me even more ready to have little ones of our own.

We also have to do our nursing class this week or beginning of next.  I wonder how it will be different from the IUI class.  Probably more medications?  This is also when we have to pay the down payments for the procedures… eww.  Thank goodness we’ve got a loan from the in-laws!  No way we would have been able to do this without a loan from somewhere.  $17,000 total for the first round.  Ouch.  I have some friends in other places did it for 10,000-12,000, so I’m not sure why ours is so much more, but they are the best in the area.  I’d pay more to have a higher success rate.  Let’s hope for success!

Ready – Set – Babies!


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