Icky in July

I told the Chiropractor today that the 100 degree weather must be breeding super spores because there is no other reason so many people could be sick right now.

I woke up yesterday with a horrible sore throat.  Not dibilitating, but horrible.  By the time time I went to bed (at 7pm) I had a fever and a sore throat so bad I could barely swallow without wanting to cry.  My glands were so swollen and painful that it was almost unbelievable.  I’ve never had a sore throat explode so quickly.  Usually they start with a tickle and grow.  I was sure I had strep.  I was wrong.  

The doctor said I didn’t have strep, unless it was a strain they can’t test for, so he figured it was some sort of viral infection.  That means antibiotics wouldn’t cure it, but he gave me antibiotics anyway just in case it was a bacterial infection of some sort.  He also gave me a medicated mouthwash and hydrocodone for the pain.  I’ve never had a sore throat that looked so gross the doctor would think to give me hydrocodone because he just knew it hurt that bad.  Too bad the hydrocodone makes me want to throw up if I even move.  I’m feeling 75% better, so I’m hoping that will be the last hydrocodone I have to take.  How do people become addicted to that stuff? Blah.

I really like my doctor, as a person, but not like a doctor.  Here are a few reasons why…

1.  I told him that we couldn’t get pregnant (he knew we had been trying and had gone on Clomid per the OBGYN) and that Clomid and IUI’s had failed.  I told him that our last and only option was IVF and he said “is that the one where they implant the embryos?”  Yikes.

2.  I told him I’d been diagnosed with PCOS and he said “I don’t think so, because you aren’t overweight.” Double yikes.

3.  Today I told him I’ve been going to the chiropractor and he said “okay.. but you know they always do the same thing no matter what your problem is.”  Yea, they fix spines.. imagine that they’d always treat the spine when you go in.  Weird!

So, I know I need a new doctor, but I’ve been so busy finding a new OBGYN and going to the Chiropractor that I haven’t had time to start with a new doctor.  I mean, it’s not just me, right?  He’s obviously too old for what I need in this day and age.  I need a doctor who understands that being overweight is one of the many symptoms of PCOS and not the indicator.  I need a doctor who knows what IVF is without having to ask.  I will work on finding this doctor soon!

Oh a different note, my chiropractor is awesome!  I’ve been for four adjustments this week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today).  I was sick as a dog when I went in today, but it takes two minutes so I didn’t think it would be a big deal.  It wasn’t a big deal and I’m so glad I went.  i’m glad I started going.  My back feels a million times better.  I found out that my neck is curved the wrong way (reverse curve) and the bottom of my spine is crunched.  They say it’s due to an injury I got when i was young.  I can think of one good fall that had me swearing up and down that I’d broken my butt bone.  It involved roller skates and not understanding how roller skate brakes work.  I just don’t know why it wasn’t noticed when i went 10 years ago.  They say they should be able to reverse both , but the neck is going to take longer.  They want to take another round of X-rays in two months, but I told them that wouldn’t be possible… I hope I hope I hope! 🙂  I will just have to take his word for it that it’s fixed.  They can re X-ray in a year. 😉

Also, gluten free is going well. I’m amazed how many restaurants list their gluten information and have alternatives readily available.  I really want to learn to make gluten free bread, but since I’m super new to this whole thing, I’m having a hard time understanding the recipes.  All sorts of strange flours, and I’m not sure if you can buy them already made because a lot of them say that they grind their own flour?  Hopefully i’ll get the hang of it.  Tomorrow is my last day at work so i’m going to have plenty of time to learn!


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