Reaching Out

Today I, and a friend of mine, are going to send a message to a friend on Facebook.  She’s not one of our currently close friends, but she’s been a friend since High School and we love her.  She is hilarious and full of life and love.  So when we started seeing messages like “I cannot plan my life on my time. I must trust in God’s timing” we started to get ideas in our head.  Ideas that she is probably experiencing something of what we’ve experienced.  Infertility.  The dreaded “I” word.

Is it wrong to reach out to someone like that? To say “hey, you are letting your vulnerability show and we can see it!”  I would say yes, but I know that when I reached out to a friend and finally had someone else to talk to about it, I felt amazing.  The weight off my shoulders was huge.  I had someone to yell with, to inform me and to tell me everything is going to be alright.  Someone who had been through it all, and that was important.  I also reached out to another high school friend when I saw that she had “been through a procedure.”  I just knew it was an HSG.  Don’t know how I knew, but I did.  I can sense these things now. I can see hurt in small messages and low growls at baby showers.  I can feel the hurt.

I hope she’s not experiencing these things, but if she is, I hope I can be of some help and comfort to her in this time in her life.


3 thoughts on “Reaching Out

    • She messaged me back almost immediately. She is experiencing problems. She was very grateful that my friend and I reached out and I am very glad that I did. She said she’s been needing someone to talk to. I hate to see another friend suffer through this, but I’ll be glad to offer some support.

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