Every month I think I might be pregnant, even though I’m on birth control.  How ridiculous is that?  I can’t even get pregnant on my own without birth control, yet every month my boobs get sore and my back starts aching, and I get a headache and the munchies and I think… just maybe!  I wonder if that feeling every goes away?  Maybe that means I just have more hope then I think I do. Hmm.

Well, my lady friend is on the way.  Should be here literally any minute.  I recently switched to a lower dose birth control because it makes me feel more normal, mood wise, but makes me feel ickier everywhere else.  Probably because it doesn’t control my hormones as much as it should.  The oily skin, breakouts, hair growth and PMS symptoms are all in full bloom.  At least my sex drive is back! Woo!  Might as well get it on now since making a baby will require doctors and tubes and petrie dishes. Sexy. 

So, I’m not sure where i’m going with this entry, but let me ask you all this…. how will you handle the birds and the bees with your children?  Will you tell them the standard ‘when man a woman really love each other they get naked and do a dance.” (I never got “the talk” but I assume that’s how it goes). or will you say “when a man and a woman really love each other, sometimes they do a naked dance, but sometimes they pay thousands of dollars to have their eggs vacuumed out, their swimmers collected in a cup, and then they have all that mess put together and inserted into the woman with a turkey baster.” Ah, magical! THAT’S a love story right there!  And to tell you the truth, i’m not being sarcastic.  If you are willing to go through all of that to make a child with the person you love, that truly is love.  Go out and love, my infertile friends, and make little dish babies!!  And if you can’t make dish babies, remember that you and your husband love each other so much that you went through all of this together. Every step of the way.  That is an amazing thing.  


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