There is something I’ve learned about human nature…. it’s wild.

Ever since I started to come out of the infertility closet, so to speak, I’ve realized that people will say whatever pops into their heads.  It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, or is inconsiderate, or even if it’s outright rude, someone is going to say it right to your face.  You may even get to a point where you think you’ve heard it all, but lo and behold, you will be sitting at dinner with a group of friends and one of those friends is going to ask you if you have a hostile uterus.  Yes, true story.  This came after explaining to them all that the problem was my PCOS.  I know we also have some issues in the sperm area, but I choose to keep my husbands business to myself.  If he wants to share that with others, that is his business.  I have enough problems to keep everyone entertained.

I’ve heard all of the most famous pieces of advice.
– Just forget about it and it will happen!
– Go on vacation and have sex and it will happen!
– Get REALLY drunk and do it and it will happen! That’s what happened with me!

…and there is another problem.  “That’s what happened with me!” Oh yikes.  This is something you should never say unless someone says “I went to Starbucks and tried the Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino and it was THE BEST THING EVER and now I spend all my money there!”  Then it’s okay to say something like that, you know, when it doesn’t seem like you have a working hooha and you’re rubbing it in my face. Hmm… I might have been able to phrase that differently.

There is just so much word vomit to clean up sometimes.  I wonder if I was ever like that.  Putting in my two cents when there wasn’t a need for any change.  I can’t remember of any instances, but I never knew anyone with infertility problems until I was aware of my own.  Now I can smell them.  I can tell from Facebook status updates, even when they have nothing to do with anything baby related.  The status could say “Doing the laundry!” and I will somehow know that it translates to “doing the laundry because I have nothing better to do, like taking my baby to the park and enjoying the beautiful weather while I breastfeed on the park bench and smell the roses.”  I’m not sure HOW I became this sensitive to the infertiles around me, but it is helpful.  I wish I could put this sensitivity in to being able to sniff out buried treasure or free ice cream or something. Oh well!



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