The Importance of an HSG

I was already at the fertility specialist when I learned that I should have had an HSG done.  My OBGYN (who I will now refer to as Dr. Idiot) wanted me to try eight rounds of Clomid before going on to other choices.  After the fifth Clomid cycle failed, I did a little reading on how many is enough.  Turns out that they suggest four to five with no more than six.  Dr. Idiot then received his name.

The HSG is the second most important thing before starting Clomid after having your husband get his sperm count tested.  If there turns out to be something off with his sperm, it might be the reason you’re having trouble and Clomid might not be necessary.  Clomid was necessary for me, since I only had a cycle every three to four months, but that sperm count tip is for those couples who are not sure which side it’s coming from, or to verify that it’s not both of you with the problems.  For us it is both sides.

So what is an HSG? It stands for HysteroSalpingoGram.  This is where the doctor injects an x-ray dye into your uterus and fallopian tubes.  This is important to check for blockage in the fallopian tubes and also to make sure that your uterus is shaped correctly.  The reason this is so important before starting Clomid or Femera (forgot to mention Femera, but it is basically the same thing, only a bit stronger I believe) is because these medicines are given to help you release multiple eggs to increase your chances of having one fertilize.  It also insures that you ovulate. ( I do not ovulate at all on my own, which is another symptom of my PCOS). If there is a blockage in your tubes, you can image how this would effect you if you release multiple eggs. Where will they go?  This could cause damage to your tubes and if you are having trouble conceiving already, that doesn’t seem like something else you need on top of your infertility cake.

I can tell you right now that Dr. Idiot should be very glad that my HSG showed no problems. If it had, I might have had to go pay him a visit. 😉


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